Silencerco Saker 762 with MB mount

Silencerco Saker 762 with MB mount

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The Silencerco Saker 765 is arguably one of the best do everything .30 caliber suppressors on the market and one of our most popular. If you can only have one centerfire rifle suppressor, this is the one to get! One of the major benefits of purchasing a Saker 762 is the ability to run this on any centerfire rifle chambered in .30 caliber or smaller.

Starting at the rear of the suppressor, it features a standard button-less quick detach rear cap that locks into place on the included 5/8x24 muzzle brake simply by properly indexing it and then twisting in a clockwise motion until it is tight. This results in a rock solid mount up with no wiggle and a very repeatable POI shift. One of the additional advantages of the button-less mounting system is that you can mount the suppressor inside of any handguard with an I.D. larger than the 1.5" body of the Saker. Alternatively, you can replace the standard quick detach mount with optional mounts compatible with AAC 51 tooth muzzle devices, YHM muzzle devices, Specwar muzzle devices, or direct thread on units if desired. The main body of the suppressor is built Stellite which is 30% stronger than Inconel and uses a Hoplon baffle to resist erosion. The flat front end cap included with your Saker is replaceable with any of the optional end caps that SilencerCo offers such as the stand off / rebar cutter end cap, flash hider end cap, or the smaller 5.56mm end cap.

For you serious NFA customers, the Saker is also full-auto rated so you can run this on your machine gun without worry.


  • CALIBER: 5.56 - 7.62
    WEIGHT: 20.7 OZ
    DIAMETER: 1.500"
    LENGTH: 7.50":

    5.56 - 134 dB
    .300 BLK Subsonic - 126 dB
    .308 - 139 dB
    FINISH: Black Oxide

    Trifecta RS Muzzle Brake Mount

    Full Auto Rated