AAC Titan QD

AAC Titan QD

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Using their original Titan-Tisuppressor as foundation, Advanced Armament Corporation’s upgraded Titan-QD unit is a revolutionary silencer that features a 90-tooth ratchet-mount system and a titanium construction that provides a lightweight (only 20 ounces) option. Moreover, the Titan-QD sports AAC’s monolithic Hyposone™ baffle module, which is able to withstand a litany of high-caliber fire. Go ahead… Make its day.

Designed by Alabama-based AAC, the Titan-QD model offers shooters the extreme durability necessary for full-time suppression on select large bore rifles. By minimizing the muzzle sound pressure, AAC took progressive steps to preserve the hearing of the end-user, as well as to reduce the signature of the muzzle blast. (Being stealth is always a virtue.)

Designated to be the U.S. Army’s XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle suppressor of choice, the AAC Titan-QD’s reputation definitely precedes itself. With that kind of ringing endorsement, why not add one to your expanding collection? Its high-efficiency performance and fast-attach build complement its durability while in the field. This suppressor is able to provide a lifetime of service under the most demanding conditions, and is as reliable and sturdy as any large bore silencer currently on the market. Listen to your instincts…

  • Sound reduction: 32 dB
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • Overall length: 10”
  • Length added: 8.4”
  • Build material: titanium